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A Review of seven conversations from Wind and Wire

Having grown up (as a teenager) in the late ‘60s, I was introduced to the musical concept of the “supergroup” during the days of Cream, Blind Faith, ELP, West, Bruce, and Lang, among others. It has been both nostalgic and interesting to see that the concept of “supergroup” has emerged during the last decade or so in instrumental music. I suppose some would ask what the difference between a supergroup and a mere collaboration is, to which I admit the delineation may be somewhat thin. However, simply put, when all the artists’ names (or a group name) are on the album cover, rather than a single artist and the others are only specified in the credits, that’s one distinction I can point to. Just my two cents.

Whether you agree with my definition or not, there’s no denying that the word “super” can be applied to album from Jeff Oster, Vin Downes, and Tom Eaton, seven conversations (lower case intentional). It’s a super recording from some super-talented individuals.

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