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jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton

the new album from vin downes and GRAMMY® nominees jeff oster, and tom eaton.

credit: liz linder

“my admiration for tom and vin as musical artists is exceeded only by my appreciation of their wry humor. sometimes laughter comes from the deepest places, just like this music.”

jeff oster

flugelhorn and trumpet
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credit: liz linder

“an indescribable alchemy happens when good friends create music together in the moment. words are unnecessary. these musical conversations capture that magic so well.”

vin downes

electric guitar
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credit: liz linder

“we chose a key and one of us began. nothing written, no safety net. the real trick to improvising in a group is not the playing, it’s the listening, and these are two of the very best listeners out there.”

tom eaton

keys and bass
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spontaneous improvisations

excursions into unknown sonic territories created in real time by three veteran musicians, each with deep histories of creating expressive and emotional masterpieces.

a shimmering blend of oster’s liquid flugelhorn, downes’ dreamy electric guitar, and eaton’s watercolor touch on keyboards and bass. at times soft and emotional, at times driving and propulsive, the album explores deeply ambient territory across seven in-studio improvisations.



  1. hushed jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton Stream / Buy 6:08
  2. a reckoning jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton 7:59
  3. words overheard jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton Stream / Buy 5:07
  4. a confession jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton 7:42
  5. subliminal jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton Stream / Buy 3:14
  6. her wisdom jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton 5:26
  7. hours slip by jeff oster, vin downes, tom eaton 11:21


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